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Sweeper robot with dust sensor more intelligent

Update: 2019-09-02 15:43 Source: LUFTMY

With the arrival of intelligent age, automatic sweeping machine appears in our daily life more and more common. There are many new products of sweeping robot on the market now, so is the dust recognition sensor of automatic sweeping machine more intelligent?

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

Dust Recognition Sensor S7 Smart Dust for Sweeping Robot

The purpose of the dust particle sensor is that when the sensor senses that there are particles continuously beating on the sensor chip, the machine determines that there is a large amount of dust in the range, and then it will start the key cleaning mode and repeat the cleaning in the range, so as to better clean up the dust and garbage. Through the display data of dust sensor, the real-time display of cleanliness can be more intuitively presented to users, which can improve the application ability of the sweeper robot and make it more intelligent.

Application benefit of luftmy Dust detection sensor S7 Smart Dust in vacuum cleaner and cleaning robot products

1. The vacuuming effect of the equipment and the cleanliness of the ground, carpet and bed sheets are intuitively presented to users through the output data of sensors and LED color display;

2. According to the sensor data, the equipment can intelligently control the speed of the motor, so as to achieve energy saving and extend the motor life.

How to use the sweeping robot?

Sweeping robot
Sweeping robot

1. Remove any toys, blocks, books and other items from the cleaning area. Be careful with the longer nails, which can easily jam the sweeper;

2. Clean up any cables or wires you have scattered on the ground. While most sweepers claim to be able to handle a room full of wiring boards, believe me, if it sucks in one end of the wire, it's going to be on strike.

3, pay attention to your curtains, sheets, sofa cover and other soft objects, dragged on the ground should be packed, if the floor robot inhaled, you will face more complex housework;

4. Draw the curtains and keep the room dark while you work. The robot's light-controlled sensors make it likely to become blind under strong light;

5. Pay attention to dust box. Do not think that the robot can clean all the rooms at once, and do not care about it, maybe it just work half the room, the dust box is full;

6, if your robot floor unfortunately does not prevent the fall function, then please pay attention to your stairs, be careful it hurtling down, and let the garbage scattered on the floor;

7, try not to work on the carpet, it will soon run out of power;

Robot is very intelligent, not only have automatic cleaning, regular cleaning and automatic recharge. High-end appearance, modeling atmosphere. Perfect for a modern family. Easy maintenance, each part can be removed to clean. Luftmy focuses on the research, production and sales of optical particulate sensor technology. In measurement accuracy, stability, consistency error, anti-interference and other performance indicators are widely praised by the industry, the developed dust particle sensor S7 can show more real-time cleanliness.

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