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Application of Optical Nanometer Sensor in Monitoring Air Pollution of Ordinary Street Lamp

Update: 2019-08-30 17:25 Source: LUFTMY

According to the world health organization, air pollution is one of the world's biggest environmental health risks. Among them, road traffic emissions are the main cause of nitrogen dioxide pollution in the air. Inhaling nitrogen dioxide is harmful to our health, even at very low levels, may damage our respiratory system and cause heart and vascular diseases. Therefore, monitoring air nitrogen dioxide becomes crucial.

There are many ways to monitor nitrogen dioxide in the air, including ground sensors and satellites in orbit. But the equipment needed to monitor air quality is often large and expensive. The Swedish institute of technology has developed a new type of optical nanometer sensor that can be installed on ordinary street lamps. The technology is already in use in western Sweden.

These small, portable sensors are simple and inexpensive to measure hazardous emissions with great accuracy. This new optical nanometer sensor can detect low concentrations of nitrogen dioxide very accurately. The measurement is based on an optical phenomenon called plasma. This occurs when metal nanoparticles are illuminated and absorb light of a certain wavelength.

Optical nanosensor can measure the wavelength change of metal nanoparticles when irradiated. It can be used to detect nitrogen dioxide and other gases in the air. "Nitrogen dioxide is just one of many substances that can be detected by optical nanosensors, and there are many opportunities for this technology," the developers said. There is a lack of small functional nitrogen dioxide sensors on the market. They found this nanoplasma solution interesting and looked forward to the test results.

At present, air quality sensors for detecting air pollution and purifying air include luftmy PM2.5 sensor, dust sensor, infrared sensor and laser dust sensor.

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