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What is the "black box" often searched after an accident?

Update: 2019-08-20 14:53 Source: LUFTMY

A number of recent accidents, from plane crashes to bus crashes, have brought the black box into public view.So what are the "black boxes" and why are they being searched for after accidents?

The black box has a colloquially called flight recorder, which is one of the electronic recording devices used in aircraft, just like the car data recorder that we install in our cars.Black box is a kind of equipment installed on airplanes, ships, trains and automobiles to record the running conditions of vehicles with high damage resistance.It can record a number of traffic implementation data information, the accident is not easy to damage, often used for the cause of the accident and the accident after the investigation and analysis.

In fact, the black box is not black, but a bold orange and there are night search reflective logo.Because the data stored in the recorder after the accident was critical and mysterious,and in some cases the recorder turned black after being burned.So people used to call the flight recorder "black box".After the black box is powered on, it will automatically start working and record the operation and status information, operation information and video information of the relevant system of the vehicle, which is not controlled by the personnel.As an important electronic traffic equipment, black box has strong protection ability against impact, high temperature, deep sea water pressure and corrosion, and can save important information in various accidents.

Among them, aircraft recorder black box data information is collected in real time from aircraft sensors and related systems, using sensors installed in the aircraft structure to speed up data components and systems, telling how they are configured and used before and the time of the accident.Sensors detect acceleration, airspeed, altitude, engine performance, cabin temperature and pressure, and more.

With the continuous improvement of technology, the emergence of the throwing black box is a good solution to the problem of locating and recovering the black box after the accident as well as the survival rate of the black box on land.Through the crash-sensing sensor, the black box monitors the abnormal changes in the characteristic parameters at the moment when the plane touches the ground or falls into the sea, and rapidly controls its separation from the body. Its principle is similar to that of the airbag released by the car at the moment of impact.

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