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How to use the air purifier correctly?Dust sensor selection

Update: 2020-11-04 15:42 Source: LUFTMY

In cities with poor air quality, air purifier has become a necessary household appliance for many families. It can timely detect indoor air quality and purify the air to improve the air quality.How to use the air purifier correctly?

How to use the air purifier correctly?Dust sensor selection

Many families with air purifiers must turn on the air purifiers in haze days, but according to the professionals pointed out that the haze days, air purifiers need to be maintained.Continuous operation of the purifier will accumulate a large number of harmful substances in the filter screen. The first thing to clean after the weather improves is the filter screen.At present, the air purifier on the market used a variety of filters, adding wet filters, activated carbon filters, HEPA filters.Some can be washed, others cannot.It is recommended that users read the instructions of the air purifier in detail and clean the filter screen as required.After, the filter net is put in ventilated environment air is basked in, can purify the peculiar smell above filter net effectively so, lest when using, affect indoor air quality.

The dust sensor window on the air purifier can detect the indoor air quality in time, making it convenient for users to choose the operation mode of the machine.If there is dirt or dust around the dust sensor window, its sensitivity will be affected.The dust sensor window can be cleaned with a wet cotton swab and wiped dry with a dry cotton swab.

High quality dust sensor module can make the air purifier sensitive to the indoor air quality. For the choice of dust sensor, LUFTMY recommends LD15 laser dust sensor.

LD15 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

LD15 laser dust sensor is a PM2.5 dust sensor module based on the Michelin scattering principle. It has high sensitivity, high accuracy and other characteristics, and has great advantages in anti-ash accumulation ability and service life. It can be used in the air purifier to accurately detect dust concentration.

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