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PM2.5 dust sensor is applied to air conditioning dust detection

Update: 2020-11-02 15:21 Source: LUFTMY

As we all know, there are many sensors in air conditioning, the most important of which are temperature sensors and humidity sensors.They play a vital role in air conditioning.At present, dust in urban environment is increasing day by day, many air conditioning manufacturers have tried to add PM2.5 dust sensor into air conditioning, and it has become a new trend to add PM2.5 dust sensor into air conditioning units.

PM2.5 dust sensor is applied to air conditioning dust detection

What is a dust sensor

A dust sensor, also known as a PM2.5 sensor, measures the concentration of g/m3, or PM2.5, of dust in the air around us.Aerodynamics refers to dust less than 10 m in diameter that can enter the alveolar area as respirable dust.Dust particles with diameter of more than 10 m are mostly deposited by impact, and are deposited in the nasopharynx when inhaled. Dust particles with diameter of less than 10 m can enter the deep part of respiratory tract.Most of the dust deposited in the alveoli was less than 5 m.

PM2.5 dust sensor is applied to air conditioning dust detection

Everything has two sides, have a bad side, air conditioning air conditioning in the cold wind blowing at the same time, also the bacteria in the air, dust and other microbes converged on the indoor machine of fin, time is long can produce bacteria, parasites, such as mite bug to spread by blowing again in the air, will pollute the air, people often get sick because of this, so the air conditioning units built-in PM2.5 dust sensors can be to monitor PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 particles at the same time, also installed the PM2.5 dust sensor based on real-time monitoring of the air conditioner to update the indoor air dust data,The concentration of dust in the indoor environment should be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid harm to human health caused by excessive dust concentration.In addition, the fan intake can be controlled based on dust concentration monitoring data to meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Adding PM2.5 dust sensor to air conditioners to help consumers away from dust pollution will become a new trend in the future technology, but also a new development direction of air conditioners. How to choose the BUILT-IN PM2.5 dust sensor for air conditioners and how to choose the laser PM2.5 dust sensor series recommended by LUFTMY.

PM2.5 dust sensor is applied to air conditioning dust detection

LUFTMY laser dust sensor series using the mie scattering principle, ㎛ measurable to 0.1 ~ 10 ㎛ particulate matter.Compared with other sensors in the industry, Luffsma laser dust sensor has higher accuracy, higher sensitivity and better anti-ash capability, which can provide reliable information for users and enable it to control air purification instrument, air conditioner and air quality testing equipment more accurately and meticulously.

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