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Air Purifier Solution PM2.5 sensor application in air purifier

Update: 2020-10-29 15:51 Source: LUFTMY

As consumers pay more and more attention to air pollution, air purification products have gradually become the focus of the market. Many people have installed air purifiers in their homes.With the development and application of various sensing technologies, the performance and functions of the air purifier are improved comprehensively, further realizing comfort, safety and energy saving.Currently, air purifiers on the market are generally equipped with three sensors - temperature and humidity sensors, PM2.5 dust sensors and odor sensors.Through this article and we understand the application of air purifier solutions?

Air Purifier Solution PM2.5 sensor application in air purifier

Humidity sensor has been a traditional component for decades. At present, the products are becoming more and more miniaturized and endowed with new application vitality through accurate calculation.For the air purifier, the temperature and humidity sensor is necessary, its role is to detect the indoor humidity (dry state), according to the data, the purifier can control the humidification amount, to ensure the indoor environment in a certain humidity range, in order to maintain comfortable humidity.

PM2.5 sensor (also known as dust sensor) and odor sensor are the products of the new era. Their function is to detect indoor PM2.5 pollution and VOC pollution. According to this data, the purifier can control the air purification function to ensure the lasting freshness of indoor air.

Therefore, for a qualified air purifier product, temperature and humidity sensors, dust sensors and odor sensors are a must.

LD13C Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD13C Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

Application of PM2.5 sensor in air purifier

LUFTMY research and development of laser PM2.5 sensor: it is a principle of using the mie scattering measurements of PM2.5 dust concentration sensor, the detection ability of superfine particles greatly ascend, ㎛ measurable to 0.1 ~ 10 ㎛ particulate matter.This allows it to subdivide PM2.5/PM1.0 more accurately than existing sensors.Compared with the traditional INFRARED PM2.5 sensor, the laser series has higher precision and sensitivity, which can provide reliable information for users.It is suitable for use in air purifier, air conditioner and air quality testing equipment.

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