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Multisensor Data Fusion Technique Robot

Update: 2019-08-16 15:27 Source: LUFTMY

With the expanding application of robots, industrial robots, primary intelligent robots, intelligent agricultural robots, home intelligent robots and advanced intelligent robots have been developed.The multisensor data fusion technique is a very important and popular technique.

There are many kinds of sensors used by robots, which can be divided into internal measurement sensors and external measurement sensors according to different uses.The internal measurement sensor is used to detect the internal state of components of the robot, generally detecting the position and Angle, while the external sensor mainly detects the environment and condition of the robot, including vision, touch, force perception and so on.Multisensor data fusion technique means to integrate multiple sensors to obtain comprehensive, accurate and reliable information. The robot includes the following 10 basic sensors.

1.Two-dimensional vision sensor

Two-dimensional vision sensor is equivalent to a camera, its function is to detect the movement of objects and positioning.

2.3D vision sensor

The 3D vision sensor can detect and identify the objects in the 3d model, but the 3d vision must be shot with two cameras at different angles to get a more intuitive object display.

3.Piezoelectric sensor

Piezoelectric sensors mainly measure force, pressure, acceleration and other data.Piezoelectric acceleration sensor is a kind of commonly used accelerometer, which is also used in impact measurement and other fields.

4.Infrared sensor

The infrared sensor is equivalent to the infrared detector, which mainly USES the effect of radiant heat to make the temperature rise caused by the radiation received by the detection element, thus changing the performance of the detector.

infrared PM2.5 sensor

5.Torque transducer

The function of torque sensor is to detect the force data on the robot arm, and guide the corresponding behavior of the robot according to the data analysis.

6.Safety sensor

Safety sensor is an important field in industry. Its function is to let the robot detect the objects around itself and avoid collision with them.

7.Collision detection sensor

The collision detection sensor is similar to a safety sensor in that it makes the robot pause or stop its current motion when it hits an object.

8.Electromagnetic sensor

Electromagnetic sensor can detect low-speed motion, anti-environmental impact and anti-noise function.The working electromagnetic sensor USES a pair of detecting units to realize differential detection, and the other side realizes reverse differential detection.

9.Optical fiber sensor

Optical fiber sensor is mainly used for electric field, pressure, temperature, acceleration and other physical quantity measurement tasks, with strong anti-interference and anti-voltage ability.

10.Bionic sensor

Bionic sensors are composed of immobilized cells, enzymes or other bioactive substances. Its function is for bioanalog sensor.

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