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Sweeping robot must have sensors!How many do you know?

Update: 2020-05-26 16:00 Source: LUFTMY

The sensor is called an "electric feature," and it senses the outside world just like human features do to get useful information back to the device.Now we touch a lot of intelligent equipment are inseparable from the sensor, such as the sweeping robot, the following about the sweeping robot must have some sensors, see you know a few.

A sweeping robot must have sensors

Infrared ranging sensor

The infrared distance sensor detects the distance of the obstacle by using the principle that the infrared signal has different reflection intensity when it meets the obstacle.Infrared distance sensor with a pair of infrared signal transmitting and receiving diode, tubes launch infrared signal of particular frequency receiving tube, the frequency of the infrared reception when the direction of infrared detection encountered obstacles, the infrared signal reflected by receiving tube, after processing, can use infrared return signal to identify the change of the surrounding environment.

Contact sensor

The contact thickness sensor usually adopts inductive displacement sensor, capacitive displacement sensor, potentiometer displacement sensor, hall displacement sensor, etc. (see displacement sensor) to measure the contact thickness.In order to continuously measure the thickness of moving objects, a rolling contact is often installed on the movable end of the displacement sensor to reduce wear.The contact thickness sensor can measure the height and space of the object.The all-purpose cleaning robot can use this point to detect the height of obstacles and make further judgments to perform its functions.

Anti-overheating sensor

Two temperature sensors are installed on the circuit board of the robot in order to prevent the motor from overheating due to the continuous working of the robot.When the motor temperature of the sweeping robot reaches a certain limit for a period of time, a temperature sensor will send a signal to the controller, which will then control the sweeping robot to stop working and run a cooling fan for cooling.When the temperature drops to a certain degree, another temperature sensor sends a signal to the controller, which controls the sweeping robot to continue working.

S7 Smart Dust Sensor
S7 Smart Dust Sensor

Dust sensor

Dust sensors can detect tiny Dust particles, sweeping robot carrying LUFTMY S7 Smart Dust Dust sensor adopts infrared correlation work method, when the tiny particles of Dust through the infrared correlation area, the receiver to receive and corresponding particle optical signal changes, through particle signal acquisition patent technology processing, will carry on comparative analysis to particle data and material data in the database, get accurate particle concentration data, real-time display the cleanliness of the ground, such as data, to achieve a better finish for Dust, hair fiber particles such as cleaning tasks.

In addition, there are ultrasonic sensors, anti-collision sensors, anti-drop sensors and so on in the sweeping robot. Each sensor performs its own duties to complete the cleaning work.

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