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How big is the PM2.5 caused by smoking?How to use a sensor to detect smoking in a room

Update: 2020-05-11 17:36 Source: LUFTMY

For some smokers, smoking is as common as drinking water and eating.It may be true that tobacco contains substances that have a "refreshing" effect, but harmful substances such as tar and particulate matter, which are produced when cigarettes are burned, immediately turn a room into a toxic gas.How big is the PM2.5 caused by smoking?How to use a sensor to detect smoking in a room.

How big is the PM2.5 caused by smoking?How to use a sensor to detect smoking in a room

What is the PM2.5 caused by smoking?

Two experiments on the effects of indoor smoking were conducted at the environmental monitoring center.

1. An elevator of about 2 square meters was selected for the experiment.When entering the elevator, workers used a portable particulate matter monitor to measure the instantaneous value of pm2.5 at 81.3 micrograms per cubic meter.Less than 10 seconds after lighting a cigarette, the elevator filled with smoke and the meter rose more than 10-fold to 999 micrograms per cubic meter.

2. In the office of about 20 square meters, no one smokes, and the instantaneous value of PM2.5 is 75.2 micrograms per cubic meter.To test the experiment, the workers closed the doors and Windows and lit two cigarettes at the same time.At the same time, the PM2.5 level in the office soared to 416.3 micrograms per cubic meter.After opening the doors and Windows to smoke, the PM2.5 level returned to 75.2 micrograms per cubic meter about 20 minutes later.

According to the experiment, in a 20-square-meter office, especially in a small car space, PM2.5 is so high that smoking produces a large number of pollutants, including not only nicotine and tar, but also carbon monoxide, various irritants and familiar carcinogens.

LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model
LD16 Laser PM2.5 Dust Sensor Model

How to use a sensor to detect smoking in a room

In order to ensure the indoor air quality, many indoor places have adopted no-smoking management, but people will still frequently smoke in the non-smoking areas. Therefore, PM2.5 sensors can be used to detect whether there is smoking in the room for standardized management.Many PM2.5 sensors and air quality sensors are installed in air conditioners or air purifiers.When an increase in PM2.5 in the air is detected, it will be displayed on a display screen or a voice broadcast, and the air conditioner or air purifier will be turned on automatically to purify the indoor air in a timely way.

Of course, in order to improve the accuracy of indoor smoking environment perception, a combination of multiple sensors is usually required to finally provide a stable and durable solution.The present typical PM2.5 sensor is Luftmy LD16 laser particle sensor, which is provided by Luftmy LD16 laser particle sensor is using the scattering principle to test the dust particles in the air of the small module, has small volume, high precision, good repeatability, consistency, real-time response can be continuous acquisition, strong anti-jamming capability, USES the ultra-quiet fan, sensor testing and calibration, 100% want to know the product specifications may contact customer service.

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