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Which is the best performance of laser dust sensor

Update: 2019-08-14 15:49 Source: LUFTMY

If you want to ask which manufacturer has better performance of laser dust sensor, whether in terms of measurement accuracy, stability, consistency or anti-interference, guangzhou luftmy can give you a satisfactory answer. Guangzhou luftmy is a technology company focusing on the research of optical particle sensor technology. It has more than 50 researchers, including 6 doctors and 13 masters. Its laser sensor products are leading in the industry.

laser dust sensor

Luftmy's laser dust sensor is based on the theory of laser MIE scattering. It can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in air per unit volume, that is the concentration distribution of particles, and then convert to mass concentration. And output in the form of universal digit.

So what is the Mie spherical scattering principle?Mie spherical particle scattering principle, that is, laser sensor uses laser to irradiate suspended particulate matter in the air to produce light scattering, photoelectric detector collects scattering light intensity in a certain angle range, the scattering light intensity will be linearly converted to voltage, and then sent to data processing system, the data processing system take the principle of Michaelis scattering theory to deal with the datas, then the equivalent particle size and the number of particles with different particle sizes per unit volume are obtained.

What's good about the performance of luftmy laser sensor?

1.Product features and advantages

(1)High measure accuracy up to 0.1μm.

(2)Zero error alarm rate.Minimum resolution particle size 0.1μm

(3)Electronic controlled devices lifetime > 8 years, average working time > 5 years.

(4)Wide range of application, no need for air duct design, compatible with multi-protocol output.

(5)Six-sided shielding combined the software anti-jamming algorithm, with higher anti-jamming performance.

(6)Suitable for detectors, air purifiers, fresh air systems, etc.


2.Typical output characteristics

Ordinate unit g/m (PM2.5 mass concentration standard value), ordinate unit:times

Sensor at room temperature consistency(1)

Sensor at room temperature consistency(2)

Sensor at room temperature consistency(3)

Sensor at room temperature consistency(4)

Consistency in relation to temperature

Abscissa units: ℃.

Consistency maximum absolute deviation as a function of temperature

It can be seen from the data that the luftmy laser sensor has excellent performance in measurement accuracy, stability, consistency and anti-interference. It also benefits from luftmy's excellent r&d team, complete testing system and well-equipped research laboratory. In the future, luftmy will continue to develop various innovative smart sensors and gradually become a leading enterprise in the global optical sensor industry.

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