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Principle and Measurement Method of Laser Thickness Sensor

Update: 2019-08-13 15:25 Source: LUFTMY

Laser thickness sensor is a sensor that adopts laser technology for object ranging, which can measure the thickness of the measured object and convert it into analog voltage signal or digital signal.It is composed of a laser transmitter, a laser detector and a measuring circuit.The principle is to use the laser sensor to measure the thickness of the shooting mode, the sensor is placed on a stable bracket, to ensure that the laser energy of the sensor at the same point.The laser thickness sensor can accurately measure the thickness attribute of the measured object, and can also measure the position, distance, diameter and other precise geometric values.

Laser triangulation method: the measurement method of laser thickness sensor.

Laser triangulation method is suitable for high precision, short distance accuracy up to micron level measurement, detection distance and switching frequency have very high characteristics.Laser triangulation is a method in which the visible red laser is shot at the surface of the object under test by the laser transmitter through the lens, and the reflected laser is received by the CCD linear camera inside the lens of the receiver.Based on the reflected light distance received, the CCD linear camera can receive the laser electricity at different angles. Then according to the Angle and the reflected light distance received before, the digital signal processor can calculate the distance between the laser sensor and the measured object.

The laser thickness sensor can be used to measure the thickness and width of various materials on the production line. It has the characteristics of non-contact measurement, no damage to the object surface, strong anti-interference ability, high precision and complete processing function.At the same time, it is also used to measure the thickness of paper, wood, steel, rubber sheet and other materials. It is widely used in light industry, machinery and steel.

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