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What are the advantages of smart sensors?

Update: 2020-04-08 17:37 Source: LUFTMY

With the development of artificial intelligence, some electronic devices have made greater breakthroughs in automation and data processing capacity, and traditional sensors have been unable to meet the needs of electronic devices.With the arrival of the era of intelligence, intelligent sensors have also become a new market demand, intelligent sensors with microprocessor, with the ability to collect, process, exchange information, is the integration of sensors and microprocessor combined product.What are the advantages of smart sensors over general sensors?
What are the advantages of smart sensors-luftmy
Advantages of smart sensors
High precision: the intelligent sensor has the function of information processing. The software can not only correct the various deterministic system errors, but also compensate the random errors and reduce the noise appropriately, which greatly improves the sensor precision.
High reliability: the miniaturization of the integrated sensor system eliminates some unreliable factors of the traditional structure and improves the anti-jamming capability of the whole system.At the same time, it also has the functions of diagnosis, calibration and data storage (and the adaptive function for the intelligent structure system), with good stability.
High cost performance: in the same accuracy of the demand, multi-functional intelligent sensors and single function of the ordinary sensor compared to the performance of the price significantly improved, especially in the use of cheaper MCU is more obvious.
Multi-function: intelligent sensor can realize multi-sensor and multi-parameter comprehensive measurement, and expand the measurement and use range through programming;Have a certain adaptive ability, according to the change of the detection object or condition, change the form of the inverse output data of the range accordingly;With the function of digital communication interface, it is directly sent to remote computer for processing.With a variety of data output form, adapt to a variety of application systems.A good 'smart sensor' is a microprocessor-driven suite of sensors and instruments with functions such as communication and on-board diagnostics.
S7 Smart Dust Sensor
S7 Smart Dust Sensor
Application of intelligent sensors
Intelligent sensors have been widely used in aerospace, aviation, national defense, science and technology, industrial and agricultural production and other fields.For example, it has a broad application prospect in the field of robotics. Intelligent sensors enable robots to have human-like features and brain functions, to perceive various phenomena and complete various actions.
In industrial production, it is impossible to directly measure and control the quality of some products online with traditional sensors.In the medical field, "glucose watches" with smart sensors built into them look like regular watches and allow painless, bloodless, continuous blood sugar tests.
In addition, our life is often used to divide mite instrument, vacuum cleaners, sweeping the floor in the robot also has intelligent sensor, LUFTMY development of S7 Smart Dust Smart Dust sensors can be installed on the equipment, to accurately measure the mite, Dust, hair fiber and other particle number and concentration data, real-time display of the ground, carpet, bed sheets, sofa, car Dust cleanliness data, etc.It can be seen that smart sensors have been widely used in our life.
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