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Mine laser methane sensor Principle and Application

Update: 2019-08-13 15:07 Source: LUFTMY

The Mine Laser Methane Methane Sensor USES the spectral absorption principle to measure the concentration of Methane gas. The Sensor has accurate measurement values, strong anti-interference and can work for a long time. It is suitable for the dangerous environment of gas and explosion in coal mine.

Working principle of mine laser methane sensor:

When the excitation spectrum is emitted laser, near a methane gas absorption peak modulation will be adjusted according to the temperature control and current laser wavelength should be set in the corresponding methane gas from the absorption peak, then add the sine wave and triangle wave superposition of wavelength modulation signal after setting, according to the phase lock amplifying technology to detect caused by methane gas concentration change of second harmonic signal, thus achieve the methane gas concentration detection principle.

Mine laser methane sensor structure:

The laser sensor is composed of laser detection probe, signal processing circuit, main controller, power conditioning circuit and signal output circuit. The laser detection probe is provided with a stable power supply by the main board, and the internal circuit drives the laser tube to produce methane gas to absorb the laser. After the laser is measured and received by the detector, the change of laser intensity is calculated by the photoelectric processor and converted into gas concentration.

Characteristics of each parameter:

1. Working voltage: 9~24V

2. Working current: 100mA/18V DC

3. Measurement range and basic error: 0.00~1.00%CH4 0.06%CH4; 1.00 ~ 100% CH4 + 6% CH4

4. Output distance: frequency signal transmission distance 2000m, digital signal transmission distance 6000m

5. Stability: no less than 180 days

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