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What are the differences between a sweeper and a vacuum cleaner?

Update: 2019-12-31 16:05 Source: LUFTMY

1. Differences in design concepts

The vacuum cleaner can only be used for dust collection at first, and then it can be used for cleaning sundries. It can also be used for cleaning sofas, rooms, wardrobes, beds, cars and other places. The sweeper is mainly used for cleaning the ground to maintain the cleanliness of the whole ground. The scope of use is far less than the vacuum cleaner.

2. Differences in how it works

Although vacuum cleaners and sweepers are used for cleaning, there are great differences in their working principles. For vacuum cleaners, no matter what type, they are all sucked by the airflow formed by the high-speed rotation of the motor, while the sweeper is mainly used to sweep the contacted objects into the dust collection box by the high-speed rotation of the roller brush. There are two steps in the working process: "sweeping" and "suction".

3. Differences in usage

When using the vacuum cleaner, people must hold the suction pipe to absorb the dust in the room, and the sweeper is fully intelligent, with some detection sensors, so as long as the command is set, the floor can be cleaned cleanly by itself. However, it should be noted that not every sweeper has the same intelligent effect, so you should choose a good one when you buy it.

The Smart dust sensor S7 is applied in the difference between sweeper and vacuum cleaner

S7 Smart dust sensor
S7 Smart dust sensor

LUFTMY developed for real-time vacuum cleaner Dust perception, display of the purity of the vacuum cleaner S7 Smart Dust Sensor, intelligent vacuum cleaner Dust recognizer using infrared correlation work method, Dust Sensor technology application Dust cleanliness sensors installed in a vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot equipment such as ventilation duct, accurately measure the mite, Dust, hair fiber and other particle number and concentration data, real-time display of the ground, carpet, bed sheets, sofa, car Dust cleanliness data, etc.

The application benefit of S7 Smart Dust sensor in vacuum cleaner and sweeper robot products: the cleaning effect of the equipment and the cleanliness of the floor, carpet, bed sheets, etc. can be visually presented to the user through the output data of the sensor and LED color display. The equipment intelligently controls the speed of the motor according to the sensor data, so as to achieve mute, save energy, save power and extend the life of the motor.

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