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Application of PM2.5 sensor in air quality detector

Update: 2019-12-31 15:49 Source: LUFTMY

With the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization in our country for energy consumption has increased gradually, in the process of the modernization will produce a lot of environmental problems, one of the main or air quality problem, air pollution is more and more serious, and to compound pollution, PM2.5 pollution is aggravating, frequent fog, visibility, air temperature and humidity levels are unstable, so far, all environmental protection agencies continue to take measures to improve air quality.

Air quality
Air quality

To improve air quality in various areas of the most common approach is installed in different regions of air environmental quality monitoring station, monitoring stations can real-time reflect local air quality index, but if it is for some special field of air monitoring, such as urban mobility environment monitoring, emergency monitoring air quality after the incident, the key polluting enterprises not regular spot checks, etc., these ground stations due to limited scope of cover will be difficult to monitor air condition in the field of special.

This requires the use of portable air quality instruments that can monitor areas of mobility. Air quality monitor the sensor element is used to monitor temperature and humidity, and pollution gases and dust monitoring PM2.5 is to use light scattering principle, through the analysis of the automatic sampling mode, it can monitor gas at the same time and the concentration of PM2.5, the concentration results will be displayed on the screen, and can calculate the corresponding average time for storage, USB interface on the instrument can upload data to the computer, convenient to further analyze the data.

For the sensors used in the air quality monitoring instrument, the commonly used sensors are PM2.5 sensor and temperature and humidity sensor, because the monitoring of PM2.5 in the air and temperature and humidity is the most basic, which is an important indicator to judge whether the air can be breathed by people.

LD10 laser dust sensor
LD10 laser dust sensor

LD10 laser particle PM2.5 sensor is a small module which uses the scattering principle to detect the dust particles in the air. It has the advantages of small volume, high detection accuracy, good repeatability, good consistency, continuous real-time response, strong anti-interference ability, super quiet fan, 100% detection and calibration of the sensor.

LUFTMY PM2.5 air quality detection module LD10 can continuously collect and calculate the number of suspended particles with different particle sizes in the air per unit volume, i.e. particle concentration distribution, and then convert it into mass concentration, and output it in the form of general digital interface. The PM2.5 particle laser sensor can be embedded in various instruments or environmental improvement equipment related to the concentration of suspended particles in the air, such as air quality detector, air detector, etc., to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

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