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Laser sensor -- principle of triangular reflection type

Update: 2019-08-13 14:50 Source: LUFTMY

There are many types of laser sensors on the market. Different types of laser sensors have their own principles.For example, the laser dust sensor developed by luftmy is a high-precision particle concentration sensor based on MIE scattering theory.The laser sensor USES the laser to irradiate the suspended particles in the air to generate light scattering, and the photoelectric detector collects the scattered light intensity within a certain Angle range. The data processing system processes the data according to the Mie scattering theory according to the pre-programmed program and obtains the number of particle concentration.

This paper mainly introduces another principle of laser sensor - triangle reflection type measurement principle.

The triangle reflection type measurement principle is simple mainly by the laser diode, the sensor CDD/CMOS, the signal receiver and so on.

The laser beam emitted by the laser diode irradiates the surface of the object under test, and the reflected light passes through the lens and is projected onto the sensor. Since the reflected light intensity depends on the surface characteristics of the physical object under test, the signal receiver processes the reflected light and obtains the specific value.The laser emitter is projected onto the subject to form a visible spot. The maximum allowable measurement distance is 1m depending on the subject. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that there is no other interference within the measuring range of the laser sensor, such as airborne particles, and to pay attention to the location of the measured object and so on.

Advantages of using laser triangulation reflection measurement principle:

1. Large installation distance.

2. Small measurement spot.

3. Can measure large range.

4. The material range of the object under test is wide.

Laser triangle reflection measurement is widely used in many fields in the market because of its extremely high measurement accuracy and tiny measurement spot in diameter. At the same time, it can measure the object at a distance and adapt to the precise measurement components with small structure.

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