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Small laser sensor based on IO-Link interface

Update: 2019-08-12 14:29 Source: LUFTMY

IO-Link interface based on the small laser sensor, is a professional measurement instrument can measure small particles and gaps. Io-link is a manufacturer independent digital interface. Io-link makes full use of the characteristics of intelligent sensors and opens a new way for automation technology.

Small laser sensor based on IO-Link interface

Advantage: point-to-point connections have fieldbus capabilities and allow continuous communication with the sensor-level. Control system using unified software, easy and fast operation. Users can modify parameters such as zero, direction of travel, or resolution. Using simple three - wire unshielded cable wiring, greatly saving the cost.

In addition to location information, other information, such as status or diagnostic messages, is exchanged. Since the parameters are stored centrally, the errors in the control loop can be located quickly and the sensor exchange speed is fast. Finally, io-link reduces costs and benefits both automation and mechanical engineering.

The advantages of the small laser sensor based on io-link interface are the precision focusing 0.1mm laser beam and the high repetition accuracy of 0.1mm, which can accurately locate the tiny object.Short response time, fast processing and high productivity;Optical axis pointing accuracy, with high detection accuracy.It also has tamper-proof function, can avoid the shortcomings of the button or potentiometer, extremely high reliability and system availability.At the same time, the combination of intelligent reflective photoelectric sensor can also be used for reliable detection at the induction distance of 250mm.

IO-Link interface of a small laser sensor

The laser sensor integrates the io-link interface, and can be quickly configured for various applications by creating a standard network. At the same time through IO-Link, but also protective maintenance process in a variety of data evaluation.

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