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Laser sensors for displacement, distance and position

Update: 2019-08-12 14:06 Source: LUFTMY

At present, most of the new laser sensors can be divided into displacement, distance, thickness and position measurement, etc., not only for the production of electronic products, but also gradually in the factory automation, robotics and vehicle construction.

The characteristics of laser sensors in various fields:

1. Measure the displacement, distance, thickness and position on multiple surfaces;

2. Multiple measuring ranges;

3. Suitable for automation, production control and test bench;

4. Compact design, integrated controller;

5. High measurement accuracy, suitable for high measurement rate.

New laser sensor features:

1. High precision

The laser sensor has high measuring accuracy and extremely fast measuring speed, and can provide stable results even in continuous industrial debugging. Convenient sensor system setup and configuration, and can be stored and transmitted to other sensors over a standard network.

High precision laser sensor

2. Compact design, integrated controller

The new laser sensor is compact in design with a fully integrated controller for easy and fast installation and wiring. These laser sensors can be easily assembled even in limited space.

Compact design sensor

3. Various types, applicable to any measurement

New laser sensors can measure metal and shiny objects as well as matte surfaces. In addition to the traditional laser model, an elliptical laser spot can also be used, which can be adapted to eliminate the physical induction interference, thus greatly simplifying the measurement of the bright surface. At the same time, it is equipped with intelligent interface of robot, which can be applied to almost any measurement task of industrial automation.

Multiple laser sensor types

4. Adopt innovative blue laser technology

The laser sensor is equipped with a blue laser diode and is used when a standard sensor with a red laser diode is operating at its performance limit. Because of its short wavelength, the blue laser does not penetrate the surface of the target and projects small spots on the surface, thus providing stable and accurate results.

Blue laser technology

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