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The application of laser sensor in various fields

Update: 2019-08-10 17:00 Source: LUFTMY

Optical sensors such as laser sensors have many applications at present, especially in many industrial fields and distance measurement research. When in a confined space, the best solution is a non-contact sensor system. Laser sensors are well suited for quality control and process monitoring research projects, as well as for automation, chemical industry, medical technology and special machine manufacturing.



Measuring complex surfaces:

Laser sensors and other non-contact sensors are ideal for measuring complex structures. For example, in the automobile industry, some assembled products have complex geometric shapes, which are difficult to detect with some contact sensors. Laser displacement sensor is a good solution to this problem. The laser displacement sensor controls the size of the headlight module to allow it to work in the assembled product.

Laser displacement sensor - driving behavior

The laser sensor is mounted on the chassis of the car, and the high measurement frequency of the sensor ensures that the number of measured values is analyzed. The laser displacement sensor measures the distance between the chassis and the ground, and the optical measurement principle of the sensor can analyze the tilt of the car and road maintenance.


Laser displacement sensor -- liquid level measurement

Liquid level measurement is called demanding measurement application. In the whole sensor industry and research, liquid level measurement and distance measurement are very important, and also indispensable in the food industry, plastic industry and chemical industry. The material measured can exist in three states of matter: solid, liquid or gas. When the material is in liquid or solid state, the level can be measured by a laser sensor. The liquid material must be at rest and opaque. It is important to note that some solid materials have reflective properties that can interfere with photoelectric elements or deflect the laser beam.

Laser sensor -- liquid level measurement

Laser range sensor -- warehouse

Optical sensors such as laser sensors are increasingly used in automated logistics of warehouses. Goods from warehouse to warehouse automatic control, delivery from the warehouse. Accurate positioning of goods, in the longer distance, laser sensor monitoring gap to locate the expected space of goods, etc.

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